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After 24 years of marketing and selling hundreds of homes and investment properties, Francie has become a household name in Palmerston North. This outstanding success has not happened by chance. Her uncompromising work ethic and her quest for knowledge have ensured that the advice she gives her clients is soundly based and is providing them with a solid foundation for decision-making. Francie is the consummate professional.

FrancieIn addition to entrance requirements and years of experience, Francie has undertaken tertiary studies that qualified her as a Legal Executive in 2006, and gave her Associate Membership of the Real Estate Institute in 2008. Her qualifications cover the full range of real estate from selling through to conveyancing. This wealth of knowledge gives added assurance to her clients.

One of Francie's outstanding qualities is her meticulous devotion to her clients. Her regular newsletters and her vibrant personality ensure that her clients feel welcome to contact her at any time. Not surprisingly, many have enlisted her services on four, five, or more occasions.

Sales industry awards have been many. While they are gratefully received, they are not the prime motivating force for Francie. Her satisfaction comes from knowing that a sale has been achieved and both the seller and the buyer are delighted with the outcome. Give Francie a call and see for yourself.

“I understand that for most people, the selling of their largest asset is a very daunting task and not one that should be left to chance.  I’ve put my hand up to say “I’m here to do the business but more importantly, I’m here to do the business for you”.

I take pride in helping my clients achieve this goal by providing them with proven systems, new and innovative marketing - tailored specifically for their property - coupled with accurate and friendly communication.  I am determined to succeed and to do this, I want your property sold.  I am aggressive when needed to secure a deal while being fair and I know that you will enjoy the selling process with me.

I will provide a service to you that will leave you wanting to tell others who may be looking to sell, that they must speak to me.  This has been my philosophy throughout my career.  I thank you for this opportunity.”




I am writing out of my desire to commend the performance of Francie Schwass in the recent sale of a block of flats that I have now sold.

Before starting the sales process I was very careful to evaluate the various agents in the city, many who I know or know of, through my own experience or involvement with other residential property investors.

I chose Francie for the qualities that she exhibited, her professionalism and ability to communicate with a wide range of people.

During the listing process she clearly put the sales options, engaged in a discussion around those, listened to my views and a marketing plan was agreed. I felt totally involved and in control of this process and respected the views that Francie expressed.

Once the marketing plan was in place Francie visited and engaged all the tenants. She explained clearly what was going to happen and how. She motivated them, not only to give up their rights not to have open homes, but to undertake housework and tidying up that as a landlord I would never dare to do for fear of facing the Tenancy Tribunal for interfering with the lifestyle of the tenants.

Whilst the tenants had to deal with their uncertainties about there being potentially a new landlord and possibility of rents increases, the motivation that the tenants exhibited was outstanding , a true testimony in itself to Francie’s skills. Seeing the response that she had achieved I reinforced that by offering each tenant a payment of $100 each if they continued that level of cooperation and a sale ensued. Francie kept me informed through all the steps of this process.

Once the sale campaign began, the same level of communication continued and I felt engaged at all points.

But then it was Francie’s negotiating skills that really shone. Over a period of a week negotiations continued, offers, counter offers, disengagement, reengagement, nothing fazed Francie. Watching the way that she reengaged the other party was impressive as she brought the sale to a close. (I should add that I am a qualified in dispute resolutions, both arbitration and mediation as well as in counselling, so have some appreciation of the processes).

At the end of the day, whilst I did not get the return that I had hoped for from the property, I am quite sure that I got a fair price, given the economic environment that exists today.

I have done a number of property deals over the years, but never have I been so involved and informed during the process, and satisfied with the outcome.

Francie is a charming and engaging lady. She exhibits inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm even when faced with adversity. Her ability to engage people in order to achieve her objectives well exceeds anyone else I know. Added to that her skills in negotiating, it was a delight simply to be engaged in the process, watching and experiencing the very skilfully controlled process.

What I cannot understand is why Francie has not set herself up in business on her own account so that she could more fully enjoy the fruits of her skills and performance.  All I can say is that your organisation is extremely fortunate that she has chosen to remain a salesperson within your organisation.

I can only wish Francie every success in the future and give my assurance that as long as she is available, I will engage her services in the future.

You can be assured that I will continue to sing her praises amongst many other property investors in the Palmerston North area with whom I still have regular contact even though I myself have recently moved from the area.


Kevin Morgan 

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